The Truth behind HVC: Hidden Valley Condominiums


I have brought this page together to show the atrocities of one place HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOMINIUMS. The focus and overview of this page is HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOMINIUMS, the overall issues with the building, the deteriorating, crumbling infrastructure, the HOA who has done nothing. My view is on all those, not the surrounding area, not reading or west lawn, only HIDDEN VALLEY CONDOMINIUMS. That must remain the sole focus at the moment, and as such will be covered here entirely.

While the issues going on are important on this planet, this is about this CONDOMINIUM COMPLEX which seems to have developed from a horror movie. I have also done this to bring all the information into one place all easy to find.

There have been several pages I wish to acknowledge here:

  1. Hidden Valley – Hidden Truths!
  2. Hidden Valley Hidden Truths
  3. HV – Environmental Advocates

This page is not to take away from all their hard work, as some have done, but to add another weapon in the fight to get this place condemned. There has been a lot of confusion brought on by some individuals which will be EXPOSED as well. I will be EXPOSING it all.



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